NJSME is governed by a nine member Executive Committee, which functions similar to a Corporate Board of Directors.  The Society employs an Executive Director, who functions as the chief administrative officer for the organization.  The E.D. represents the Society for the purposes of supporting legislation and other initiatives that will enhance our ability to perform in our roles as municipal engineers and raise our standing within our sphere of influence.  The E.D. manages the financial records, receives and disseminates correspondence to and from the organization and prepares the agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee.



  • President: 

    Charged with providing leadership and direction to the organization, the President is the chief executive officer and is responsible for ensuring the continued success of the NJSME. S/he also works to optimize the relationship between the Executive Committee, paid management staff, volunteers and other members in order to achieve the organization’s goals. The President is generally the spokesperson and should work to maintain key relationships within and outside of the organization.

  • Vice President: 

    The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President to fulfill his/her responsibilities for the governance and success of the organization.  This role is commonly regarded as preparation for becoming the next President and may mean chairing meetings at short notice. The Vice President is also responsible for securing speakers on relevant topics for the continuing education portion of our quarterly general meetings.

  • Treasurer:

    The Treasurer is the chief financial officer, whose major tasks include working with the Executive Director to prepare the annual budget and to continually assess future financial needs for the organization, while monitoring current revenue and expenditures.

  • Secretary:

    The Secretary is responsible for the documentation of the activities of the Committee.  Their primary task is to prepare minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of five members, including the immediate past President, who have extensive experience with NJSME.  The Executive Committee along with the officers have full voting rights to set policy and procide direction for the organization.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Executive Committee by providing a wider range of experience and ideas as well as providing a pool of members who can advance to the Executive Committee and elective office.  The Advisory Board attends all meetings of the Executive Committee but has occasionally limited voting rights.


Standing Committees

  • Budget and Finance

    This committee works with the Treasurer and Executive Director to set the financial goals and objectives for the Society.

  • Legislative

    This committee works with the Executive Director to monitor Legislative Activity and develop position documents for the Society as required.

  • Membership

    This committee is focused on expanding membership in the Society.

  • Public Relations / Newsletter / Website

    This committee has the dual focus of raising the profile of the Society, as well as sharing current news about events and issues relevant to the Society’s members.

  • Continuing Education

    This committee is tasked with identifying issues of interest for continuing education segments of our general meetings.

  • Awards

    This committee is responsible for reviewing submissions for the Society’s annual project and Engineer of the Year awards.

  • Student Membership

    This committee is responsible for coordinating outreach to New Jersey colleges and universities to identify the next generation of municipal engineers.  Activities might include meeting with students and/or faculty to generate interest in student membership as well as identifying recruitment opportunities.

  • Fundraising

    This committee is responsible for coordinating the annual golf outing.  It is also tasked with developing and executing other potential fundraising opportunities.

Liaison Positions

  1. Alliance For Action
  2. NJ Asphalt/Pavement Association
  3. NJ Department of Environment Protection
  4. NJ Department of Transportation
  5. New Jersey League of Municipalities
    1. General & Affiliate Advisory Group
    2. Legislation
  6. New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers
  7. New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors
  8. New Jersey Society of Professional Planners / APA / Planning Officials
  9. New Jersey State Association of County Engineers
  10. New Jersey Public Works/National APWA Association
  11. Utility And Transportation Contractors Association