To All Consultants: 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) would like to address certain concerns raised by the consulting community regarding issues that have arisen in response to the Corona Virus as it relates to Plans Specification &Estimate (PS&E) submission during the Design Phase of a project.   

The following will provide instructions regarding the submission of PS&E submission:


  • Submission of plans


Until further notice, the NJDOT will accept the digital plans, including key sheet.  These plans should be uploaded into PMRS (e-Builder). 

  1. If the plans are signed digitally by the designer PE, they may be uploaded directly into PMRS.
  2. If the plans are unable to be signed digitally, then a wet signature copy may be scanned and uploaded into PMRS, with the original signed hard copy plans (no mylars) submitted to the Department at a later date.  

Please note that the NJDOT is working towards a formal process for a PS&E submission in PMRS (e-Builder). This process is being fast-tracked and the team believes that this work can be completed in a few weeks. Once the process is finalized, further communication will be made regarding implementation and training.   

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact